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About us

Inland Pelvic Health & Physical Therapy is a privately owned outpatient physical therapy clinic that specializes in pelvic rehabilitation. We have had exponential growth since we opened in 2020 and we are looking to hire again!

Company description

Inland Pelvic Health & Physical Therapy is a specialty clinic that provides pelvic rehabilitation for both men and women. IPHPT is owned and operated by women. We have a 3 Doctors of Physical Therapy, 3 Physical Therapist Assistants, and 1 Occupational Therapist. Adding another therapist to our team will provide our community with faster access to pelvic rehabilitation as well as allow us to foster the health and wellness of the men and women in the inland northwest.

Inland Pelvic Health & Physical Therapy focuses on women’s and men’s health including abdominal and pelvic dysfunction, obstetrics, oncology, and general orthopedics in order to provide the community with a specialty clinic for women and men to receive specific treatment interventions. We pride ourselves on having full hour long treatments that focus on manual therapy and exercise/activity progression. We follow a 4 Step Plan for our patients: 1)Figure it out, 2) Fix the things, 3) Fuel the Change, 4) Find Lasting Results. Inland Pelvic Health & Physical Therapy provides physical therapy services for pelvic dysfunction which includes, but is not limited to: pelvic pain, incontinence, prolapse, voiding dysfunction, obstetric changes, back/hip/pelvic girdle pain, and oncology treatment side effects.

Inland Pelvic Health & Physical Therapy was nominated and voted as runner up for the CDA Press "Best Of - Physical Therapy Practice" in 2021. The owner, Laura Steininger, DPT has been awarded the Kootenai County Young Professionals "Top 30 Under 40" in 2022 and 2023 as well as nominated for the CDA Business Journal "Top 40 Under 40."

As the owner of a specialty clinic, I have high standards and goals for each of my employees. Each provider is hired and goes through an extensive onboarding and in-depth training with myself and other skilled pelvic PTs. There is continuous mentorship and team collaboration. My goal is to ensure that every patient that comes to Inland Pelvic Health receives top quality therapy. In order to ensure that, each provider in my clinic is adequately trained, we do regular trainings and courses to progress the entire clinic’s skills and knowledge. 

Open positions

(currently 1 DPT): "Doctor of Physical Therapy: Pelvic Rehab Specialist"

We are looking to add another Doctor of Physical Therapy to our team. Experience with pelvic health is not a requirement as long as you are passionate and willing to learn and progress your career. We are seeking a full time position with hourly wages, health insurance benefits, retirement plan (employer matched contributions), and paid continuing education benefits. Please send your resume and cover letter to LauraSteiningerDPT@gmail.com